Jeffrey Wiggs, Law P.A.


ONLY SETTLE WHEN YOU HAVE TO. The criminal process all too often is a process of compromise, or settlement.  However, my approach is to "only" settle a case when there exists no alternative but to settle. Small offenses even can have large economic impacts from both criminal and administrative procedures.    Sadly, attorneys often take the first offer, or desire to settle a matter for their own economic reasons. Not here.  Your our boss, and we won't settle without your fully informed consent.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  For years, I have confronted attorneys, as both a Prosecutor, and defense attorneys with little creativity.  I pride myself that I can, and do think beyond the boundaries of ordinary. I will work your case, on a creative edge looking for every way to resolve your claims.  Don't settle for less than this.

THE STATE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.  The greatest error of defense attorney's is the willingness to compromise as if the State is looking out for the defendant himself.  You must always remember the State is "never" looking out for your welfare.  I keep your interest always separate and apart from all interests of the State.

The above principles guide my practice.